A view of the North Garden

     Welcome to the section about my Cacti and Succulent gardening. Let me first explain how this all evolved. I've owned this place for about thirteen years. About twelve years ago I decided to take a front yard that was mostly grass and weeds and do some Xeriscaping. I carved a rock lined arroyo that started from one corner of the front porch slab and then meandered through the yard and back to the other corner. I even dug it under the sidewalk! The idea was that someday I would put a roof over the front porch slab and run the downspouts from the gutters into the wash, this way retaining some of the water. Someday :-)
      I took the dirt I dug out of the arroyo and used it to build mounds in places along the banks. Then I planted lots of cuttings I had gotten from a property that once belonged to a former president of the Tucson Horticultural Society. It was mostly landscape plants, none of the smaller stuff I'm interested in now. It all grew well and over the years some of the plants just became too huge for the space I had. So a couple of years ago I hired a landscaper to prune it all back severely and redo the rock in the arroyo. A lot of it had fallen in.
     One of the things the landscaper did was use some leftover rock to make rings around some of the smaller plantings. It looked nice and gave me the idea for what I call Microgardens. I've since been at work carving out terraced rock gardens along the eastern side of the mounds (providing for some afternoon shade) and planting some smaller cacti and succulents in small manageable groupings. This year I have expanded it quite a bit.
     For now I've put up a gallery of pics of my gardens so there is at least something to look at. Soon I should have this section completed. Down the road a bit you'll be able to explore my gardens at will just by clicking sections of the pictures. Click HERE to see what I'm trying to do.
     When that's done we'll first explore what I have planted in the ground. I'll take you on an interactive tour of my yard where you'll be able to click a section of the garden and see a closer picture. Then you'll be able to click on any plant in the closeup and go to a page from the My Collection section about that plant. Then we'll look at some of my container gardens. And lastly, for those interested, I'll put together a gallery of "Before Pictures". Click a thumbnail to explore that aspect of the my gardening.


Container Gardens

Some "Before" Pictures