Mammillaria bombycina
"Silken Pincushion"

     Native of Mexico, Mammillaria bombycina is a pretty globular to slightly columnar cactus that offsets like crazy in cultivation. It is also a fast grower. Heads can be up to 8 inches high and 3 inches around. Offsets are easily rooted and the easiest way to propagate the plant. In winter tiny pink flowers adorn the stems in a ring around the top.
      . This one was only about two inches around when I planted it. It grew like crazy and put out several offsets by midsummer. I took the offsets and rooted them and by end of season it had put out some more. This is a late winter pic, it unfortunately kept trying to grow in the greenhouse so became a little etiolated. The lower picture is one of it's early offsets, allready flowering size by the end of the season. It bloomed in winter in my greenhouse.

Flowering in winter in my greenhouse

A nice potfull at Tucson Botanical Gardens
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