Cylindropuntia ramossisima
"Diamond Cholla"

A Cylindropuntia ramosissima in my collection

     Native to a wide range of the Southwest including Colorada, Nevada, California and Arizona as well as northern Mexico, Cylindropuntia ramosissima is a heavily spined, thin stemmed cholla to 5 feet high and wide. Its stems are a blue grey color and have interesting patterning, hence the name "Diamond Cholla". It grows in the hottest and driest parts of the Sonoran desert, requires little water and is supposedly rot prone. Reddish brown flowers are produced in spring and early summer.
     I saw this at B&B Cactus Farm and became immediately intrigued with the long spines and the color and patterning of the stems. I've tried to root cuttings with little success and the plant itself shows little signs of growth. I want to put it in the yard somewhere but haven't decided where yet. Those spines are pretty lethal.

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