Pachycereus schottii

     Found in Arizona and northern Mexico, Pachycereus schottii is a large columnar with stems up to 8 inches thick and 12 feet tall. It mainly branches from the base producing magnificent candelabra shaped landscape specimens. If you have the room! It's pink nocturnal flowers are about an inch and a half across and the round red fruits are edible.
     I acquired some cuttings of this about 10 years ago and planted them in the yard and in pots. The plants grow fairly quickly and get huge! But strangely, even though the plant above grows very well in full sun, it's never flowered for me. The new growth is beautiful, spines start out red at the base then eventually turn from black to grey. They also grow longer and finer as the plant matures, giving the upper stems a hairy appearance. Click below for more Pachycereus schottii pictures.

New growth
up close


A nice stand
at Bachs

Finally, March 2009
a flower!
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