My Home Made Greenhouse

     I had been thinking about a greenhouse for years now. Last year it became a critical need. My collection of Cacti & Succulents had grown to the point where I could no longer winter the tender stuff in the house, just not enough room near sunny windows.
     It was late fall and I was in the middle of building my garage when I really started to worry. It was getting cold at night! Then I got a flyer from Harbor freight that had a 6 foot by 8 foot aluminum frame greenhouse with double walled polycarbonate for $299. I thought "At that price I could buy two and put them end to end and have one big greenhouse." Yeah, right? When I got them home and unboxed them I realized the things were so cheaply made the first time the wind blew it would either end up in the neighbors yard or simply fold in on itself. I was so miffed I almost took them back, then realized there was nothing wrong with the poly panels, it was just the framing that was cheap.
     So I got to work in my half finished garage building 2 X 3 frames that I fastened the poly panels to with a cedar strip and some screws with rubber washers. I then screwed the panels together to build the walls, temporarily screwing the walls together in the corners. I built as much as I could in the garage then a buddy and I carried the four walls outside and set them up. I put the roof on outside with more cedar strips and some 1/8" thick rubber weatherstripping. I'm very pleased with the result. It got rained on a few times and didn't leak at all.

greenhouse001.jpg greenhouse002.jpg greenhouse003.jpg greenhouse004.jpg
greenhouse005.jpg greenhouse006.jpg greenhouse007.jpg greenhouse008.jpg
greenhouse009.jpg greenhouse010.jpg greenhouse011.jpg greenhouse012.jpg
greenhouse013.jpg greenhouse014.jpg greenhouse015.jpg greenhouse016.jpg

New pictures, October 2006

     I've made some improvements this year. Last year all I had was some wood tables and plastic shelves. This year I built in some 30 inch wide shelves made of 2 x 3's and used redwood fence boards. They gave me a lot more shelf space for my plants and I managed to get everything in. I also added a thermostatically controlled exhaust fan to keep it cooler. It's a small attic fan that I got at Home Depot. So far it's managing to keep it about the same temp as outside during the day.

Picture 4026.jpg Picture 4027.jpg Picture 4028.jpg Picture 4029.jpg
Picture 4030.jpg Picture 4031.jpg Picture 4032.jpg Picture 4033.jpg
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